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Strategic Planning & Risk Assessment

We understand that the navigation and interpretation of state regulations can be difficult. Knowing what regulation, when, and how it applies to your projects is critical. Our team at Endeavor, by drawing on our 40 plus years of engineering and consultation experience, will act as your guide through the regulatory waters. Through our past experiences, we have successfully consulted our clients on the application of regulation and the execution of critical action items to ensure compliance for hundreds of projects. We have established strong relationships with our colleagues at the state regulatory agencies to help ensure timely reviews and fair treatment. These relationships will only benefit our clients.

Our goal is to identify pitfalls early, as it relates to the application of regulation as well as siting of proposed facilities, and provide our clients with the information essential to make informed decisions regarding their proposed project. The end goal is to bring value to the clients’ operation, minimize their risk, and provide a cost-efficient receipt for success.

  • Identification of Wetland and/or Stream Impacts
  • Addressing of Water Quality and Stormwater Challenges
  • Slope Stability Concerns
  • Optimization of Earthwork
  • Application of Regulation
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Avoidance
  • Achieve Cost Effective Solutions