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About Endeavor Professional Services

Endeavor Professional Services, LLC is an engineering and design firm focused in serving the oil and natural gas industry. With our office centrally located in State College, PA, we are positioned to provide timely service across the entire shale play.

Our team brings to the table over 40 years of engineering, regulatory permitting, and related professional service. With our extensive in-house expertise, Endeavor is an efficient and effective “one-stop-shop” for engineering and professional service supporting oil and natural gas development.

Our goal is to be “the” resource for engineering and professional services to the oil and gas industry. Endeavor will achieve this goal by ensuring the following:

  • Building Value – We are committed to providing value to our clients’ projects. We define value as providing exceptional service and expertise for a fair fee.
  • Saving Time – Time is money. We get it.  
  • Reducing Risk – Good judgement, sound engineering, and experience mean less maintenance, change orders, and future modifications.